A common question asked at HD Brows HQ is "what is the Kabuki?" The answer is simple; "The Kabuki is a versatile, ultra-soft, flat headed brush. A perfect applicator when applying compact powders, loose powder or bronzers".

Make Up by HD Brows Professional Artist, Amanda Shaw, adores the Kabuki, and has used the brush on a number of famous faces over recent months. Here she tells us why she is such a fan:

"The Kabuki brush is the ultimate applicator/blender for any professional makeup artist and novice everyday make up applier alike. Application and blending of products whilst using this brush, creates an even and flawless finish within a matter of minutes. It's just that easy with the Kabuki! My top tip for and airbrushed look would be to apply the Make Up by HD Brows Fluid Foundation then with the Kabuki, blend lightly in a rotating motion, creating a quick but perfect make up base".
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© Amanda Shaw 2015
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